OCTOBER FUNDRAISER! From 10/14 - 10/28, 40% of all sales on this website go to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond, Washington. Buyers get 10% off retail orders and only pay $3.00 in shipping. Enter the code MOTLEY2 to get your discount.

calls itself the "Revolution of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education." The organization does not have a brick and mortar structure, but houses animals in foster homes, where people are trained to follow the Motley Zoo philosophy. As of this October, they have adopted out nearly 1700 pets!

I learned about Motley Zoo from blogger Lindsay Stordahl of ThatMutt.com. Love these kinds of efforts that can make a difference! Visit http://www.thatmutt.com and subscribe!

And here is her blog about Lightmark Press: http://www.thatmutt.com/2015/10/14/easy-way-to-help-rescue-dogs-with-lightmark-arts-greeting-cards/


ALSO: Below are three non-profit animal rescue efforts that have captured my heart and which you can also help to support. My company is small, so I although I do contribute a bit financially as I am able (my annual goal is 10%), I also love to donate cards to the fundraising efforts of any animal rescue organization. This year I am attempting to create more fundraisers where I contribute 50% of retail website sales to specific causes. If you have an organization that would like to set up a fundraisers with me, please contact me.

If you would like to contribute yourself, click the link under the description of the organization, which will open to their donation page.

Vipp image

VASHON ISLAND PET PROTECTORS (http://vipp.org), established in 1984, works each day to improve the quality of life for companion animals on Vashon Island, WA.

Affectionately known Island-wide as ‘VIPP,” Vashon Island Pet Protectors is a no-kill and non-profit 501 c3 animal rescue organization run by compassionate animal-loving volunteers. In so many ways, VIPP offers the best possible resource for people and animals to make a connection on Vashon Island.


BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY (http://bestfriends.org) is a pioneering animal sanctuary on extensive acreage in beautiful Angel Canyon, Kanab, Utah.

I am proud to sell Lightmark Press greeting cards in the Welcome Center gift shop.

Want to visit? There are places to stay, opportunities to volunteer, and an experience like no other to share. Other Network partners exist in Los Angeles and New York City.


OLD DOG HAVEN (http://olddoghaven.org) This wonderful organization in Seattle, WA, is a small nonprofit group using a network of foster homes to provide a loving, safe home for abandoned senior dogs.

Too many dogs of advanced years find themselves terrified and confused at shelters, where their chances of adoption are almost zero. The ODH goal is to ensure that their last years are happy and that they die safe and at peace, knowing that they are loved.


 from the Old Dog Haven website

from the Old Dog Haven website