Weimeraners at Twilight

Our local supermarket parking lot is a good place to photograph dogs in cars, and recently I discovered that twilight is especially fine for one particular breed: the magical Weimaraner. Actually, this image above is one of two dogs, who were both sitting in the front of a VW bus. I would have loved to get that shot, but one hightailed it to the back of the bus and would not pose. This is either Leo or Rogue, according to their human. Just beautiful! 

Weimaraners were originally bred for hunting in the early 19th century, according to the American Kennel Club. Often referred to as a "grey ghost," they were used by royalty for hunting game like boar, bear, and deer, although over the years they were adapted more for hunting birds. But what kind of genes led to such an unusual dog? The information I have is not clear, but surprisingly, it is believed the bloodhound is one ancestor. See any resemblance?